Free Kitten? Not Really

We have all seen the sign or newspaper ad - FREE KITTEN!!!! However, we all know that nothing in life is really free. If you are going to be a responsible pet owner you know there are shots, tests and spay or neuter surgery in that kitten’s future. So how much is that ‘free’ kitten going to cost you?

*Testing for Feline Leukemia and FIV $30.00
*First FVRCP vaccination ( two are needed) $13.00
*Fecal $15.00
*Earmite Treatment $12.00
*Worming not including tapeworms $15.00
*Spaying (female) $115.00
*Neutering (male) $75.00
*Rabies $16.00
*Office visit $28.00
Total $244.00 (female) $204.00 (male)

*The above charges are averages from 4 different veterinarian clinics in 2004.

Adopting From Lucky Cat Adoptions

Lucky Cat Adoption’s adoption request for a cat or kitten is only in the range of $20 to $25 and we do the following:

  • All cats and kittens are tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV (Kittens may be litter checked or Mom cat is tested)
  • All cats and kittens are spayed or neutered
  • All cats and kittens have had vaccinations up to date. (This may include 2-FVRCP and Rabies depending on age of cat or kitten and how long it has been in our group)
  • All cats and kittens have been treated for earmites and ears cleaned
  • All cats and kittens have been wormed (if needed)
  • All cats and kittens have had Advantage or other flea prevention applied.
Lucky Cat Adoptions takes pride in the adoption of healthy, well cared for cats and kittens; however, some animals may be harboring parasites or other illnesses that haven't shown up while in foster care. This is why we require that you take your new pet to a veterinarian for a complete check up within 7 days of adoption. Don’t forget to bring along your new cat’s medical record so the doctor will know what has been done.